Memphis Grizzlies use Matt Barnes to celebrate Valentine's Day

Pacer Fans Taunt Matt Barnes With 'Derek Fisher' Chants
Pacer Fans Taunt Matt Barnes With 'Derek Fisher' Chants

As we know, not all aspects of relationships are roses, and there are relationships that are less healthy than others. No one is perfect in the world of love, but there are right things to do and wrong things to do.

Driving a very long distance to terrorize your ex-lover for dating someone new is not a good thing to do. That's what Matt Barnes did during the offseason, and it resulted in a suspension from the NBA.

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Nevertheless, the Memphis Grizzlies decided that the best way to celebrate love was to use Matt Barnes as a mascot for Valentine's Day.

This is all fine and dandy — except for that whole terrifying incident this summer in which Barnes drove almost 100 miles to terrorize his wife for dating Derek Fisher.

It's an interesting choice, and very much ill-advised. Everyone deserves a second chance, but Barnes being the poster boy for the Grizzlies Valentine's Day card to fans is something that maybe shouldn't have happened. There's a right way to love someone — and let them go — and an insane person way to do it.

Matt Barnes falls under the latter category, which makes him a not so solid pick to be a Valentine's Day mascot.