Man gets down on one knee on Valentine's ask girlfriend to make him a cup of tea

Girlfriend Gets Tricked with Cringe-Worthy Fake Proposal on Valentine's Day

A man is in hot water after pranking his girlfriend with a fake proposal on Valentine's Day.

In a video shared to Facebook, Brad Holmes, from Southampton, England, leads his girlfriend, Jenny Davies, from the couch before dropping to one knee at her feet.

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Jenny, whom he's been dating for six months, is seen gasping and holding her hands to her face in shock.

"I got a question to ask you. Will you..." he begins.

He opens a small white box - but rather than reveal a ring, it shows a single tea bag.

"...make me a cup of tea?" he finishes.

Jenny is not impressed.

"What is that?! Are you f***ing joking?!" she shouts, before throwing the box to the ground and storming out the room. Brad is left behind, laughing at his prank.

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"I don't believe she knew it was coming," he told INSIDE EDITION. "I genuinely believe that she thought I was proposing."

Despite her anger, Jenny got over it, Brad told IE.

"She was fine after 15, 20 minutes," he said. "I got my cup of tea in the end."

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