Gwen Stefani's live music video has nod to Shelton, major blunder: Fans react

Gwen Stefani's Sweet Shout-Out to Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani made history at the Grammys Monday night when she performed a live music video for her latest single, "Make Me Love You," in conjunction with Target.

The singer slinked through whimsical set after set in her incredible performance -- but not without one major hiccup. A backup dancer, dressed as the star, slipped and fell on rollerskates, causing a bit of a backup dancer-pileup just seconds before Stefani's stunning finale in a glamorous red dress.

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While the massive blunder definitely didn't go unnoticed, there was one cheeky reward in the fun show for the keenest of eyes. A bar featured in the background was called "Blake's," an adorable nod to the singer's country beau, Blake Shelton.

Of course, social media was abuzz throughout the live performance. Click through the slideshow below to see how fans reacted to the show.

Reactions to Gwen Stefani's live music video
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Gwen Stefani's live music video has nod to Shelton, major blunder: Fans react
Two words....GWEN STEFANI! That is all. #GRAMMYs
Omigosh, I hope that fall was supposed to happen. That fall did NOT look like it was supposed it happen #TheGrammys2016 @gwenstefani 😱😱😨
@GwenStefani just took me back to my childhood with that video!! #grammys #90skids
Did I literally just watch @gwenstefani bust it on some roller skates??
Did Gwen Stefani actually just fall or not? If so I'm so happy I witnessed that.
Gwen Stefani clearly seems to be in a much better place why she wrote such a light hearted, bubbly song. #Grammys2016 #GRAMMYs
Why can't I be one of the background rollerbladers in @gwenstefani music video?
That bar behind Gwen Stefani was called Blakes. #GRAMMYs #silentburn
Gwen Stefani's body double just fell in front of all of America. Congrats? 😂😂😂
Omg @gwenstefani looked AMAZING!!! Ahhhh the music video/Target promo was iconic AF!!!!!!! Gwen in a leotard tho! Beautiful #MakeMeLikeYou
So how about that @gwenstefani live @target ad? uh, i mean music video
Watching #GwenStefani on the #GRAMMYs at #Blakes bar just makes me sad for #mirandalambert 🙁 Ouch!
The new Gwen Stefani song is the best Madonna song since "Hung Up"
I still don't get how gwen stefani fell on the skates and 3 seconds later was in a red gown.
Years from now someone will turn to you and ask "Where were you when Gwen Stefani sold out to Target?" #GRAMMYs
Random thought. Gwen Stefani has to be one of the best blondes of our time 💁

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