14 women get real about what surrogate pregnancy is actually like

Getting pregnant through natural conception is often stressful and, for some couples with medical obstacles, impossible. A relatively new and popular way to bring a child into your household is surrogacy, where a trusted outside party carries your child to term and then once the baby's born, gets to go home with you. And while this might seem like an unconventional way to become a parent, it is also a journey and adventure, for better or worse, for the surrogate.

Several surrogates took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to tell all on what it's like to carry someone else's baby to term.

1. Many people complain about the issues that come with pregnancy, but other women revel in the experience

2. Getting intimate with your surrogate child's family can go a little too far

3. The responsibility that comes with birthing someone else's child can be extremely overwhelming
I was a surrogate. It

4. Surrogate mothers might get judged before people know their whole story

5. Attachment to the child you raise prenatally is a huge risk you're taking when you agree to be a surrogate
Being a surrogate is the hardest thing I

6. Some people equate the unfamiliar with evil
I wish people would understand that being a surrogate isn

7. People who make harsh judgements about surrogacy might not fully understand the process
My date just walked out and left me with the check. Because she found out I was a surrogate mother a few years back...

8. Some people don't love the 'joys of pregnancy' as much as others
I am a surrogate mother. I am 4 months pregnant and can not wait until it is over!!!

9. Surrogacy isn't only a process exchanged between strangers

10. Making a decision to help out a loved one with surrogacy is a lot harder when your significant other isn't on board
My boyfriend disagrees with my decision to be a surrogate for my family members. I don

11. The idea of surrogacy might feel a tad surreal when you think about it for too long

12. Surrogacy isn't exactly the type of thing that only needs a brief explanation

13. It's hard to take pregnancy for granted when you know how much it means to the person whose baby you're carrying
Its crazy how much judgement you get for being a surrogate mother. Being able to give someone a baby is such an amazing gift. So thankful for this pregnancy!

14. Helping to create the unconditional love from parents to their children is enough to sustain the motivation to be a surrogate
I was a surrogate mother for my brother and his wife who couldn

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This process of starting a family is gaining more and more popularity:
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