Town building public beer fountain

Town Building Public Beer Fountain

Almost nothing in life beats a good, old-fashioned chocolate fountain.

But there's one thing that just might: a public beer fountain!

A town in Slovenia is getting just that. They've reportedly voted to spend about $400,000 to create the beer fountain in the hopes of bringing in tourists.

The European nation is known for its hops, which are nicknamed "green gold." But before you get too excited, the liquid gold coming to the beer fountain isn't free.

People will be able to pay a little under $7 for 10 ounces, and all the choices will be local beers.

It's perfect for people who want a tourist experience similar to seeing the Trevi Fountain, but with less historical significance and more refreshments you'd usually get at a baseball game.

Still, the townspeople should really think about what they're getting themselves into.

Sure, they'll probably make a boatload of money, but they're probably going to see an upswing in public urination and people skipping out on taxi fares too.

There's also the weather to consider. The average temperature for February in Slovenia is about 41 degrees.

At least nobody will be tempted to go swimming in it. Although — let's be real — that might depend on how many times they've dipped their cup into the fountain.

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