The 'Saturday Night Live' cast gets in 'Formation' for hilarious Beyoncé spoof

Beyonce Slays at Super Bowl 50, Then Makes World Tour Announcement
Beyonce Slays at Super Bowl 50, Then Makes World Tour Announcement

The cast of Saturday Night Live's got hot sauce in their bags (swag!) -- or, at least some seriously hot jokes!

In the most memorable skit from Saturday night's episode, the comedians pulled out all the stops in a hilarious skit mocking the outrage over Beyoncé's controversial new song, "Formation."

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Just one week after Queen Bey surprised fans with the unannounced release of the politically charged track and video and later performed it during the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show, SNL spoofed the reaction with a fake horror film titled The Day Beyoncé Turned Black.

The faux trailer begins with news clips and voiceovers that say, "Beyoncé embraces her black heritage" and "Beyoncé video is unapologetically black."

"I think Beyoncé is black," SNL cast member Aidy Bryant screams from her living room.

It then jumps to a crowd, who's watching the news outdoors.

A shocked female in the audience asks, "What about 'Single Ladies?'"

"She was black in that," Kenan Thompson's character responds.

"What about 'Jumpin', Jumpin'?'" the woman, still confused and clearly overeacting, asks.

"She was black in that, too!" Thompson states.

Watch the full video below: