12 confessions from vegans might make you reconsider their lifestyle

Food is fuel for human beings, and it more or less sustains the ability to have energy and drive throughout the day -- naturally, completely changing the way you eat is a huge life decision. That being said, specific nutrition plans like living gluten-free or being a vegan are prominent lifestyles (that not everyone understands). Veganism involves not eating or using animal products, and while it has the connotation of being rooted solely in moral reasoning, there are plenty of reasons to go vegan.

Several vegans took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain exactly what made them decide to stop eating all animal products.

1. Expensive cuts of meat and perishable dairies are wiped clean from your shopping list in a vegan lifestyle
People think I

2. Going vegan is a personal decision, not a public protest to make others feel bad about eating meat

3. Feeling like your own decision isn't helping your cause as a whole can be disheartening
I went vegan and I feel great about my decision, but I also feel terrible because I have to live in a world of cruelty. Sometimes I cry for hours in bed for tortured animals.

4. Sticking to a lifestyle that represents a worthy cause can induce lots of pride
People judge me and disagree with the fact that I am vegan. I don

5. Eating meat is such a widespread tradition that it might seem funny that there's a group of people who don't believe in it

6. Veganism doesn't have to be rooted in a moral conquest, it could just simply be a great opportunity to feel healthier and stronger
I became a "vegan" for selfish reasons. I wanted to take care of my body. I haven

7. Sticking to your moral instincts might help you feel like you truly know who you are
By going vegan I have not only saved thousands of animals lives, I have also saved my own

8. The idea of eating animals might weird you out if you think about it for long enough

9. Little known facts you didn't know were affected by going vegan...
My friends think I'm a huge animal lover because I'm a vegan. Truth is the main reason I went vegan is tone up & get a higher sex drive.  It worked...

10. Being a vegan might transform from a day-to-day choice into an effortless lifestyle
At first when I went vegan I was scared that I

11. What begins as a crash diet might turn into a way of life once you get used to it
 The main reason why I went vegan was to lose weight. Now it

12. Protesting the slaughter of animals and the way they're treated beforehand are two completely different things

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