Parts of Asia to experience total solar eclipse in March

Parts Of Asia To Experience Total Solar Eclipse In March

A total solar eclipse is in the cards for parts of Southeast Asia this March.

Explaining the phenomenon, NASA notes, "As the moon passes precisely between the sun and will block the sun's bright face, revealing the tenuous and comparatively faint solar atmosphere, the corona."

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An animation shows the almost 100-mile wide path of the eclipse's totality passing over the islands of Borneo, Sumatra, and Sulawesi.

Sarah Jaeggli, a NASA space scientist and veteran viewer of total solar eclipses, said, "You notice something off about the sunlight as you reach totality. Your surroundings take on a twilight cast, even though it's daytime and the sky is still blue."

Totality will last for a minute and a half in each location—and up to four minutes in some places. It will take over three hours for the eclipse to pass over the sites of easternmost and westernmost visibility.

The eclipse is scheduled to occur on March 8, 2016 (March 9 local time).

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