10 reasons people truly love being single, even on Valentine's Day

The holiday of love is right around the corner, likely sending innumerable dollars and cents to flower, chocolate and card companies. However, not everyone is in a relationship when Valentine's Day rolls around, left dateless to hate on the holiday. But that doesn't have to be the case.

Several people took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain why they have exactly zero qualms about being single on Valentine's Day.

1. What's the point of being in a relationship just for the sake of it?
Everyone thinks I

2. You can really explore your options without feeling like you're betraying someone
I like being single because I could hook up with any guy I want to and I have no one to stop me or make me feel bad.

3. If you're looking to eventually settle down, there's no use in missing out on getting to know yourself until that point
I love being single. Don't get me wrong I want to meet a guy that I fall in love with but I enjoy doing my own thing.

4. Who needs a partner when you have George Clooney?
I don

5. Some people love feeling independent and not reliant on anyone else

6. Being single doesn't mean you're looking to be in a relationship
I don

7. Can you really learn to love someone else before you know how to love yourself?
Being single means you can discover yourself and learn to be happy with who you are so you can be happy with someone else. And damn it, I

8. Being single is perfectly find while you wait for the person who changes your mind
The true reason I love being single is that I

9. Love often brings heartbreak, and several people try to avoid that altogether
I realize I prefer being single, because I hate this agony that accompanies love.

10. You don't have to worry that your actions are negatively impacting someone else when you're single
I prefer being single because it means I

11. Enjoying single life means that the person who you want to give it up for is very special
I love being single. Being able to do what I want is amazing! Gotta be amazing for me to give it up!

12. Because Netflix and chill and sweatpants is a lot easier
I personally like being single because I don

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Valentine's Day is about love -- so love yourself on Sunday!
Celebrate Being Single This Valentine's Day
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