Polls give Donald Trump huge advantage going into South Carolina

Polls Give Donald Trump Huge Advantage Going Into South Carolina
Polls Give Donald Trump Huge Advantage Going Into South Carolina

Coming off of his first political win in New Hampshire, Donald Trump now has his sights set on South Carolina, and a new national poll shows he may be gaining even more momentum across the country.

According to a poll from Morning Consult, he has more than double the support of any rival among self-identified Republicans and Republican-leaning independents.

Trump holds a commanding 44 percent lead with this key voting bloc. His closest rival, Ted Cruz, only comes in with 17 percent of support.

See Donald Trump at a rally with the troops:

In South Carolina, polls of likely primary voters also find him with a wide margin over the next closest Republican, Ted Cruz. Although the margin isn't quite as large as that national poll.

The pair have battled over social media and through ads. Cruz recently launched an attack ad blasting Trump for having "a pattern of sleaze stretching back decades."

Despite his strong lead, Cruz lashed out at Ted Cruz on Twitter. "How can Ted Cruz be an evangelical Christian when he lies so much and is so dishonest?" the 2016 candidate wrote.

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