Kendall Jenner sues acne treatment company for millions

Kendall Jenner Suing Skincare Company For 10 Million Dollars!
Kendall Jenner Suing Skincare Company For 10 Million Dollars!

You definitely can't say a celebrity endorses a product if they don't.

"Face and body solutions" company Cutera is learning those legal lessons the hard way.

The company published an advertisement featuring a photo, quote and endorsement from Jenner in an attempt to sell its Cutera Laser Genesis product.

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"Acne 'Completely Ruined' Kendall Jenner's Self-Esteem," the ad reads. "Visits to a dermatologist for Laser Genesis (a treatment to help reduce redness and scars) has left her with nearly flawless skin."

It turns out, Jenner neither gave Cutera permission to use the photo nor did she endorse the product. It's likely Cutera pulled the "completely ruined" quote from something similar she said on her app last year.

Now, Cutera's gotten a crash course in the consequences of misrepresentation, and Jenner's suing them for the "eight-figure sum" she would've charged for this kind of endorsement. The amount could total $10 million.

Well, Cutera might be several million dollars in the hole, but at least they've gained a newfound understanding of right of publicity law.

And that's priceless, right?

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