Kansas confirms 2 more norovirus cases in Buffalo Wild Wings probe

Health Department Confirms 1 Case of Norovirus at Overland Park Buffalo Wild Wings

Feb 12 (Reuters) - Two more cases of norovirus have been confirmed in Kansas in a probe involving a Buffalo Wild Wings Inc restaurant, but the source could not be identified, a spokeswoman for the state health department's Johnson County office said.

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The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment had said last week that out of the 10 people being tested, norovirus had been confirmed in one person.

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Kansas confirms 2 more norovirus cases in Buffalo Wild Wings probe
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The probe is related to a Buffalo Wild Wings' restaurant in Overland Park in suburban Kansas City.

"We have taken additional steps to conduct deep cleaning for norovirus at all Kansas City area restaurants," a spokesman for the company, known for its chicken wings, said in an email on Friday.

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