Evan Rachel Wood dishes on her favorite scent, Ellen Page and 'Westworld'

Watch Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans' Steamy New Fragrance Campaign
Watch Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans' Steamy New Fragrance Campaign


If there is anyone that knows romance, it's Gucci. The latest fragrance from the iconic brand, Gucci Guilty Eau, delivers a robust and romantic character -- proving to be the ultimate Valentine's Day gift.

Evan Rachel Wood stars in the brand's super sexy campaign video and AOL got to sit down with Wood to talk more about the fragrance and other upcoming projects.

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"This fragrance is still for that confident, bold woman but with a bit more tenderness and romance," Wood said about the scent. "Sensuality -- it's more about the art of seduction and anticipation rather than, you know, (smacks hand) gets right to it!"

Her favorite place to spray the scent? The bedroom.

"I will spray whatever scent I am using in my bedroom -- twice -- over my bed," Wood laughs. "Put two-and-two together!"

Chris Evans also stars in the steamy campaign and Wood recalls playing Motown to get in the rolling-around-in-bed-all-day mood.

"Chris is the best, and I adore him and we hit it off immediately," said Wood. "It's always funny when you have to shake hands with somebody and then roll around in a bed."

While the actress stars in the now six-year campaign, she has been busy working on other projects including the post-apocalyptic film, "Into the Forest," alongside Ellen Page.

While the movie is about living in a post-apocalyptic world, the film focuses on the relationship between Wood and Page, who play sisters.

"I will be forever so connected to her," said Wood. "I think that we have one of those friendships now that no matter if it's been five days or five years, that it will seem like time hasn't gone by."

Wood says the film pushed her to challenge herself both mentally and physically, claiming if you like "good acting, badass female roles" you'd like it.

A project she's currently working on is the 1970s HBO remake of "Westworld," a series inspired by the 1973 film about a futuristic theme park populated by artificial beings, produced by J.J. Abrams.

"It's been interesting shooting it because the cast is kind of going on the same journey as the audience going on," said Wood. "We've been told very little and we kind of find out what's happening episode by episode."

The actress says that after she wraps up "Westworld" she'll start focusing more on writing, including writing material for her newly-founded music band, and maybe even start doing live shows.

We can't wait to see her hit the stage.

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