Emma Thompson offers the sensible solution of killing all the old white Oscar members to make things more diverse

Emma Thompson's Unusual Solution to Oscars Diversity Row
Emma Thompson's Unusual Solution to Oscars Diversity Row

For every strangely tone-deaf answer from an acting legend, there's a refreshingly funny one. Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Emma Thompson responded to the #OscarsSoWhite controversy with typical sense and sensibility. "It's hilarious. It's no change there. It's not as if it's ever been awash with people of color," Thompson said. "Let's face it, the Oscar membership is mainly old, white men. That's the fact of it. Either you wait for them all to die, or kill them off slowly. There's so many options, aren't there?" True! This, we should point out, was the thinking around same-sex-marriage supporters — that you just needed a homophobic older generation to die out. She added a more constructive note afterwards, saying that the Screen Actors Guild was proactively trying to change the demographic makeup of its membership to make it more diverse.

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