Donald Trump's blind date with Candice Bergen was a disaster, actress says

Johnny Depp Nails His Donald Trump Impression
Johnny Depp Nails His Donald Trump Impression

Donald Trump may have mastered the art of the deal — but when it comes to women, he was no expert ... at least not according to Candice Bergen.

"We had a blind date in college," the "Murphy Brown" star told People on Thursday. "It was a very short evening."

Apparently Trump and Bergen went out on a date when they were both attending the Wharton School of Business, Pennsylvania.

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"I have no memory of it," Bergen said about their date. But the one detail that's still seared into her brain is a doozy.

"I just remember that he was wearing a three-piece burgundy suit, and burgundy boots and a burgundy limousine," she said. "He was very coordinated."

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So after their very purple night out, what does Bergen think of Trump's presidential aspirations?

"I thought it was funnier a few months ago," the actress admitted. "Now it is worrying."

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