Army perfects recipe for pizza that can last up to 3 years

Army Perfects Recipe For Pizza That Can Last Up To 3 Years
Army Perfects Recipe For Pizza That Can Last Up To 3 Years

The packaged food rations doled out by the Army don't have a great reputation flavor-wise, but the military branch's latest development may turn that around.

Scientists at the US Army Natick Soldier Research, Development, and Engineering Center (NSRDEC) have successfully created a ready-to-eat pizza with a 3-year shelf life, reports Tech Insider.

Though it does not taste like a pie pulled straight from the oven, it is reportedly good enough to fall into the tasty-next-day-slice category.

Among the greatest challenges the developers faced was finding a food-safe means to keep bacteria from growing.

Photos of America's different pizza styles:

The solution came by way of Hurdle Technology, which builds barriers to keep pathogens at bay.

Distribution is expected to begin in 2017, but the research team's efforts to provide soldiers with innovative meal options are far from over.

NSRDEC is also working on introducing 3D-printed food to the mix.

Ideally, the technology will be able to produce items from a variety of groups, including proteins and carbohydrates.

Though the practice as it applies to edibles is in its very early stages, experts believe the Army will be shipping out food printers and supplies by 2025.

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