Kate Spade takes autumn romance all the way

"This season I'm inspired by the bohemian spirit of sirens, divas and creative firebirds of the stage," wrote Kate Spade Chief Creative Officer Deborah Lloyd. The designer's inspiration translated into bold patterns, bright fuchsia and rich merlot tones, and fun, quirky features like fake flowers affixed to the tops of smoking slippers and handbags designed to look like a vintage radio.

Kate Spade Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week
Kate Spade Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week

The collection was infused with the classic Kate Spade whimsy the brand is known for, being sure to include pops of color in even its warmest ensembles -- we often see designers lean toward cooler earth tones for winter wear, so Lloyd's vision for more vibrant winter months was a breath of fresh air. Feminine, flattering cuts were nothing new for the design house, but the collection's tone was more romantic than seasons past, which have been more flirtatious. It seems Ms. Spade may have found herself in a long-term relationship and she's dressing for it.

The Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center served as the perfect venue for a collection which connoted nothing but bright, happy feelings. The sunlight poured in, glinting off the crystal chandeliers, and the tinkling of sparkling drink glasses was audible as guests chatted cheerfully.

Kate Spade New York Fashion Week Fall 2016
Kate Spade New York Fashion Week Fall 2016

Several big names were in attendance, including Kate Bosworth, Zosia Mamet, Zoe Kazan, Ellie Kemper, Jaime King and Freida Pinto.

One of our favorite fashion week events every season, we loved every aspect of Kate Spade's Fall 2016 collection and have somehow found ourselves yearning for next year's fall designs in spite of the freezing New York weather!

Click through the gallery above to see photos of all the looks!

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