8-year-old writes a touching letter to Cam Newton

Cam Newton Walks Out of Press Conference
Cam Newton Walks Out of Press Conference

Cam Newton has received more letters this football season than some people have in years -- but the latest one, coming from an 8-year-old boy, finally delivers the NFL MVP some words of encouragement.

"He's my friend," Stephen Graham said about Cam. "I just felt like it would make him a little happier."

Angry opposing fans have written open letters to the Carolina Panthers star all season long, on topics ranging from his on-field celebrations to his family. It's safe to say that this letter conveyed a more positive message. Stephen gave Cam a "paper trofy" to help him recover from the Super Bowl loss.

"When a friend falls down, the other friend always picks him up," Graham said.

If only more people around the NFL had that mindset.