13 reasons to celebrate Valentine's Day whether you're single or taken

The holiday of love is right around the corner, and you're probably expecting to see social media ridden with lovey dovey posts. And whether you find it cute or sickening, there's no denying how impossible it is not to love... well, love!

Several social media gurus took to Kanvas, the new popular app that allows users to create art, videos and much more, to express how to celebrate the heart-shaped holiday the right way!

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Your significant other should make you feel like royalty:

Is Sunday going to be Valentine's BAE, or are you single and ready to mingle?

Glitter and hearts and love, oh my!

Raise your hand if your puppy is the only man you need in your life!

... or your cat:

How rewarding is it to make someone you love smile?

Pizza will never leave you:

You can never be lonely when you have good friends by your side:

Will your significant other go the distance for you this Valentine's Day?

Exceptions to lying, stealing, cheating and drinking:

Does your significant other fit perfectly into your jagged puzzle pieces?

Now that's a lot of love:

#Goals are to one day have as successful a relationship as these fingers do:

Trying to figure out what to wear on your big date? Check out this slideshow:

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