The newest hair trend is the unicorn horn and it's spectacularly strange

Latest Hair Trend Features Unicorn Horn
Latest Hair Trend Features Unicorn Horn

It's finally socially acceptable to look like a mystical unicorn, and it's about time.

The newest upcoming hair trend might look like a distorted braid at first, but it's actually a unicorn horn that's here to make your head feel magical.

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In a tutorial above, ahead-of-her-time YouTuber Venus Angelic shows unicorn lovers how to braid their hair into a horn.

While the video starts with a makeup lesson, the very important hair horn demonstration appears in the video at the 9:23 mark.


While the tutorial is from 2012, the trendsetters at Cosmopolitan claim this is sure to be the newest hair fad of 2016.

The look is especially fun for anyone who is already following the unicorn color trend.

People with shorter hair feeling left out?

Fear not. You can be a unicorn too, in your own way.

Oh, and dogs can be unicorns too.

Just make sure you aren't forcing them into this fashion statement.

While the look is pretty weird and likely uncomfortable, it is bound to make rounds in the rave scene and on Halloween this year, and you know what that means. First come the ravers, then the Halloweeners, then the high fashion models in New York Fashion week and all the dazzling celebrities at the next Met Ball.

[h/t Cosmopolitan]

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