The most (and least) expensive city for a gallon of milk

Cost of Everyday Supermarket Items 'Rises by 8%'
Cost of Everyday Supermarket Items 'Rises by 8%'

It may seem like a trivial expense and product, but you can learn a lot about the cost of living in a city based on the cost of everyday goods.

We just happened to choose a gallon of milk.

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Using data from Numbeo, we compiled a list that lays out the average cost for a gallon of milk in 12 different US cities, from most expensive to the cheapest.

To our surprise, the difference in cost between the most expensive average cost per gallon and the least expensive was a staggering $1.80.

Also notable, was that there was no clear distinction in price from cities on one coast or part of the country compared to others—prices seemed to vary regardless of overarching location.

Flip through below to see where you can get your cheapest gallon of milk—though, unless you live there, we're not so sure it's worth it to travel far for a $2.20 gallon.

Here's the average cost per gallon of milk in these 12 US cities

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