For $4,500, you too can own the one of the world's smallest monkeys

Learn About the Pygmy Marmosets
Learn About the Pygmy Marmosets

The new "It pet" for China's wealthy is a fitting one, considering it's the year of the monkey this Lunar New Year — the pygmy marmoset.

Smaller than a hamster, the pygmy marmoset is the world's smallest monkey, with a body size that ranges from 5.5 to 6.3 inches. This miniature primate that hails from the Western Amazonian rainforests weighs no more than 4.9 ounces and can be held onto with a finger, therefore earning its "thumb monkey" nickname.

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According to People's Daily Online, the pygmy marmoset is considered an exotic pet in China. It's illegal to sell it, but it is being sold for up to 30,000 yuan ($4,500). The hefty price tag and law certainly isn't stopping China's nouveau riche from owning a "thumb monkey."

Take a look at the tiny monkey below:

A "thumb monkey" owner, identified only as Chen, has even taken to his Weibo account to show off his darling new pet.

In the post where he debuts the primate that he named "Xiao Shen," Chen declared: "Snow skin leopards and red-crowned cranes have nothing on my New Year's gift."

According to Chinese law, the sale of exotic animals such as the pygmy marmoset is illegal. The primate is listed on the International Union for Conservation Nature's red list of endangered species.

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