Donald Trump trolled at rally by man standing behind him with bizarre 'steak' sign

Trump: We're Going to Win Outside of the 6 States You Need to Win
Trump: We're Going to Win Outside of the 6 States You Need to Win

A man standing behind Donald Trump at a Wednesday-night rally held a fairly unusual protest sign.

The Republican presidential front-runner gave a fairly stump speech before a packed Clemson University crowd in Pendleton, South Carolina. At various points in his speech, however, a sunglasses-clad man stood up with a sign declaring, "TRUMP LIKES HIS STEAK WELL DONE."

This was an apparent reference to a Tuesday report in The Telegraph in which Trump was described ordering a well-done steak at a restaurant in Manchester, New Hampshire. The report caused a small firestorm of mockery on Twitter.

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As the Independent Journal Review documented on Wednesday, a guerrilla-comedy group has been doing various stunts across the 2016 campaign trail. It wasn't immediately clear if the steak protester was related to that effort.

View some tweets documenting the man's protest below:

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