World's largest aircraft slated to begin test flights

World's Largest Aircraft Slated To Begin Test Flights

If you are in Bedfordshire, UK in March and see a massive, odd-looking craft floating overhead don't be alarmed. It is not an alien-toting UFO.

Called the Airlander 10, the vessel is a foray into creating air transit means that require less fuel and offer greater flexibility than existing options.

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In addition to being able to stay airborne for days, the futuristic, 300-foot-long craft is capable of hauling roughly 10 tons and making water landings.

Being developed by Hybrid Air Vehicles, it can do all of that while consuming only 25% of the fuel typically required to keep traditional aircraft operating.

The Airlander 10's abilities come in large part from a combination of carbon construction, helium and modified aircraft engines.

Development was spurred by the U.S. military, but when issues with government funding occurred, the project was passed entirely to Britain.

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