Trump slams 'worthless' New York Daily News after it depicts him as a clown

Donald Trump Calls Newspaper 'Worthless' for Clown Make-Up Cover

The New York Daily News continued its attacks on Donald Trump with Wednesday's front page showing the billionaire in clown make-up and the headline "Dawn Of The Brain Dead" following his big New Hampshire primary win.

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Trump retaliated in a series of tweets on Wednesday morning.

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NY Daily News Covers bashing Trump
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Trump slams 'worthless' New York Daily News after it depicts him as a clown
Photo courtesy: New York Daily News (Friday, March 4, 2016)
Photo courtesy: New York Post (Friday, March 4, 2016)
Today's front page: @realDonaldTrump rises from the dead, wins #GOP primary in N.H.
Today's front page:
Stop the presses! A new front page... DEAD CLOWN WALKING:
KUDOS! @NYDailyNews has been on anti- #Trump tear from start. Today great cover on (rambling) #Palin endorsement!
(Yet another) Brilliant front cover by @NYDailyNews, featuring the ever entertaining -& fear inducing- Donald Trump.

Trump also went on Fox News and said that the newspaper was a "totally failing newspaper" because they were using his name to drum up sales.

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The cover was unveiled shortly after his primary win and it is not the first time they have called Trump a clown on their cover.

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