Surprise: An 8th Harry Potter book is coming out this summer

Harry Potter Is Back and the New Artwork Is Promising
Harry Potter Is Back and the New Artwork Is Promising

LONDON — Learning that a brand new Harry Potter story was coming to the stage in London was undeniably magical — but the news left many fans across the world disappointed that they wouldn't be able to see the wizarding world's next chapter unfold.

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Thankfully, our long international nightmare is over. On Wednesday, we learned that anyone who can't get tickets or make it over to Britain's capital will still be able to find out what happens in the official eighth Harry Potter story — because the script is being published in print and as an eBook.

Both the print and eBook versions will be published in tandem on 31 July 2016, following the play's world premiere on the 30 July.

Here's the full synopsis for the story:

"Pottermore is proud to be a key part of the multi-platform effort that will allow the epic eighth Harry Potter story to be read and enjoyed by a wider, global audience," Pottermore's CEO, Susan L. Jurevics, was quoted in a press release sent to Mashable.

"With the script eBook of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child helping to lead the way, 2016 will be one of our most exciting years yet."

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See the 'Harry Potter' cast through the years:

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