Sanders' smile is 'genuine' but Clinton is hiding something, body language expert says

Body Language Expert: Sanders' Smile Is Genuine, Clinton's Hiding Something
Body Language Expert: Sanders' Smile Is Genuine, Clinton's Hiding Something

There has been much debate about the state of Ted Cruz's face.

The Republican presidential candidate looks like Grandpa Munster, some online pundits say. His smile doesn't reach his eyes, others have said.

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So what's in a politician's facial expression? INSIDE EDITION spoke to a body language expert, following recent discussions including a Psychology Today post, about what cues can be derived from a candidate's smile.

See Sanders and Clinton duke it out at the last Democratic debate:

Tonya Reiman tells IE that Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders "is authentic. He's always genuine ... He's got the creases, the cheeks are raised."

Hillary Clinton, not so much, Reiman says.

"She smiles just to mask whatever emotion she doesn't want you to see," Reiman said. "This is known as a social smile. There's not much movement around the eyes and the lips aren't really elevated."

Cruz, she says, seems to be sneering.

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"When he smiles the initial impression is that of a sneer or a contemptuous grin. So what happens? We think of that as sarcastic and we start to dislike him."

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