OnlyOnAOL: What Ryan Reynolds thinks of a 'Deadpool' sequel


Six years ago, in a New Orleans hotel room, Ryan Reynolds put pen to paper and started hammering out a script about a mercenary who gets diagnosed with cancer, undergoes torturous treatment that leaves him immortal, and morphs into a physically defaced creature named Deadpool.

The movie, already getting stellar reviews, opens Friday. And spoiler alert: according to the "Hollywood Reporter," there's already a sequel in the works. That's welcome news to Reynolds, who also produced the film.

"We've been prepared to be ready to go again. This is the greatest problem I could hope to have," says Reynolds.

"Deadpool" the movie was stalled for a decade. What changed? When test footage leaked online in July 2014 -- and fans went ballistic in the best way possible. "It might be the first true fan movie that's ever been made," says Reynolds.

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To date, from the red-band trailer to social media posts, everything has only served as an extension of the character who headlines the film: foul-mouthed, morally flexible, sexually experimental, and totally hellbent on revenge for his hideous transformation, courtesy of a torturer named Ajax (Ed Skrein).

"We wrapped shooting and I carried making so many Deadpool viral videos and content -- which was so much fun for me. I've never worked on a movie where the absurd was so fully embraced," says Reynolds. "I feel like I've been shooting 'Deadpool' since we wrapped. I haven't stopped."

And with the finished product, what you see is what you get. Some material did get cut, because of time constraints.

"There's this rumor going around that there's a director's cut. This is the producer-writer-director-star-fan cut. This is it. We collectively edited this film. We collectively decided to take out a large section in the middle where Deadpool goes looking for (a cure). We cut some of that out. It got super dark. It will be available on the DVD," says Reynolds.