New foals arriving at Clydesdales farm in central Missouri

New Foals Arrive at Budweiser Clydesdale Farm in Missouri


BOONEVILLE, MO (KTVI) - John Soto was raised around thoroughbreds but it's Clydesdales that gets his heart racing.

'It's funny watching them when they're like that,' says John Soto, Warm Springs Ranch Supervisor. 'They're just trying to figure it all out. They feel good they just don't know how to do it.'

Soto is in his 36th year with the iconic Clydesdales. He helped bring the California-based Warm Springs Ranch to Boonville, Missouri in 2008.

'We are at the start of the Clydesdale this is where all the babies are born that will wind up in our hitch teams,' says Soto.

Those teams take up residence in Colorado, Missouri and New Hampshire and make public appearances in parades, stadiums and more.

Photos of the new foals at the Missouri ranch:

New Budweiser Clydesdales foals
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New foals arriving at Clydesdales farm in central Missouri
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Monday afternoon new mom Lois was showing off her yet-to-be named colt.

'He's about 150 pounds but he's the perfect example of what we are trying to raise here,' says Soto. 'He's got the white face the four white legs they nice band the color and he'll have a dark main and tail when he grows up.'

He'll grow to about 18 hands, or six feet tall and weigh a whopping 2000 pounds.

Once he reaches five months of age he'll head to Grant's Farm until he graduates at age three and head to horse school where he'll take horse courses, of course of course.

'He'll go to Merrimack, New Hampshire which is our training facility and bill put harness on him and hitching him up to a sled and a wagon and then hooking him up with two horses and four horses which is all the training he will need to be on the road with our 8 horse hitch,' says Soto.

And then he stands a pretty good chance of making it in television.

Monday he stole the spotlight from 12-day-old Mac named for the macro brewery in St. Louis.

On our visit to Boonville we noticed all three siblings like naps...because they're babies.

'Well we've been doing it for over 83 years so 1933 at the repeal of prohibition is when August Junior introduced his dad to a claim of Clydesdales and it kind of took off ever since,' says Soto.

And this was a pretty good way to spend a cold February day in mid-Missouri.

'This is what they pay me to do for a living. This is what they pay me to do. This is pretty good stuff,' says Soto. 'I wouldn't trade it.'

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