NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant will consider joining Knicks if they hire Scott Brooks

Kevin Durant Seriously Considering Signing with Golden State Warriors
Kevin Durant Seriously Considering Signing with Golden State Warriors

The Oklahoma City Thunder are about to have an issue on their hands. Star forward Kevin Durant is about to become a free agent after this season and point guard Russell Westbrook will become one after next season. They likely won't be able to afford to keep both. Durant could reportedly make that decision a bit easier if the New York Knicks hire his former coach Scott Brooks.

From ESPN:

Brooks is a name to think about, for one reason: The Knicks have been informed that their chances of landing Kevin Durant this summer would be influenced by hiring Brooks, according to league sources.

New York faces long odds to land Durant to begin with. And their chances took a hit after Derek Fisher was fired, league sources say. As noted here previously, Fisher was going to be a factor in Durant's free agency this summer. But hiring Brooks could get Durant's attention.

The issue with Durant and the Knicks is that the Knicks already have Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis as their forwards, and Durant is not a center. Even if he was, the Knicks have Lopez there. The Knicks could still bring in Durant, but they would likely have to trade Anthony for that to work out. If they can trade Anthony for a point guard, that might be the best way to accommodate Durant.

Durant would be an upgrade over Anthony at this point, though. Brooks is a pretty good head coach so it's not like hiring him solely to try to get Durant would be a bad idea. Even if they can't land Durant, Brooks is still a talented head coach who could help Porzingis and Anthony lead the Knicks for the foreseeable future. Also, Brooks could help them land Westbrook in 2017 when he hits the market.

All things considered, Westbrook would be a far better fit for the Knicks than Durant with their current roster.