Makeup Monday: Dentist to the stars on scoring a celeb-worthy smile

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At-Home Teeth Whitening Products That Actually Work
At-Home Teeth Whitening Products That Actually Work

When they're not giving a fish lip pout just to emphasize those cheekbones, celebrities are peppering their red-carpet posing with room-brightening smiles. And while some can go overboard with blindingly white teeth, most manage to pull off natural looking, sparkling smiles.

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To maintain that balance between stained and super fake, a long list of stars -; including Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner, Eva Longoria, Robert Downey Jr., Miley Cyrus and Blake Griffin -; head to Dr. Kevin Sands, the Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist who keeps their pearly whites at a winning level of pearly and white.

Emphasizing an individual approach to perfecting stars' teeth, Dr. Sands talks about the common problems that occur during awards season and why Crest White Strips are still OK in a pinch.

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What are the most common smile concerns patients see you for before or during awards season?

Before award season starts, clients come in wanting to brighten their smile and repair small chips or imperfections.

See photos of Justin Bieber and his super white teeth below:

Is it OK to do a "quick fix" days before a red carpet event or could that end up disastrous?

Nothing is ever disastrous if you're in the right hands. We will not let you leave our office until you are 100 percent satisfied and happy. We accommodate all of our client's busy lives and crazy schedules.

What is the ideal "look" for teeth in order to appear fresh and clean, but not overly white or fake?

Whitening is a great tool and can dramatically change your smile. However, every person is different and their whitening needs are different as well. Moderation is key. Seeing a cosmetic dentist will give you the bright smile you crave without appearing too white or artificial.

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Are veneers still popular? Is there another tool or technique people are using for a more natural look?

Veneers are more popular then ever. It's a great way to achieve a perfect smile in just two short visits. Braces can take years. Veneers not only improve the shape but the shade and size of your teeth, and are extremely time efficient. We have some of the most innovative artists in-house that are constantly working to keep upgrading and integrating the newest technologies and cosmetic materials.

What are some of you favorite at-home treatments for those who want to whiten, but don't know where to start?

Custom bleaching trays with professional strength bleaching gel are our favorite at home whitening trick. If you want something over the counter and don't have time, we suggest Crest White strips for a great and easy way to brighten your smile.

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See photos of Eva Longoria and her pearly whites below:

Do you think Hollywood has a problem with teeth being too white or unnatural at the moment or are teeth and smiles looking more realistic these days?

Everyone and every tooth we look at as individual. Any good cosmetic dentist strives to make a custom tailored treatment that looks beautiful and natural for each individual patient. The key word is natural. The smiles that are done by true experts have such great results you'd never notice anything but a beautiful glowing smile.

One of my favorite patients @robertdowney-Iron Man!

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