Hot dog! Burger King gets in the wiener game

Burger King to Add Hot Dogs to the Menu
Burger King to Add Hot Dogs to the Menu

Burger King is betting on a winning wiener. The major fast food chain rolls out its first national hot dog offering on Feb. 23, it announced Wednesday.

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The restaurant has tested hot dogs in select U.S. locations since late spring 2015.

When the hot dogs go live at participating locations (every Burger King outlet in the U.S.), it will become the largest restaurant brand to serve hot dogs, North America Burger King Brand President Alex Macedo tells Mashable.

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The 100% beef hot dogs are flame-grilled, just like its Whopper burgers, and are made from a proprietary blend of ingredients by established hot dog company Oscar Mayer.

The Classic Grilled Dog is topped with ketchup, mustard, chopped onions and relish. It sells for the recommended price of $1.99, though prices may vary according to location, and clocks in at 310 calories.

Image: Sarah Spigelman Richter/Mashable

The Chili Cheese Grilled Dog, topped with warm chili and shredded cheddar cheese, has a recommended price of $2.99 and is 330 calories.

Image: Sarah Spigelman Richter

Macedo says it's not a question of why this is the right time for hot dogs. A combination of looking at market trends, consumer data and filling what Burger King perceives as a void in the market played into the decision to bring this to the masses. He sees it as a natural fit to the Burger King menu.

As far as cheese sauce and future fun toppings go, Macedo says, "We're going to look at that for sure...We decided to start slowly and then see what happens and we'll take it from there."

If this hot dog does as well as Burger King hopes, expect other fast food competitors to bring their best hot dogs into what could be a very delicious fight.

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