Haitians celebrate Carnival as country grapples with stalled elections


Thousands of Haitians shrugged off their political woes on Tuesday (February 09) to celebrate Carnival, after instability in the country saw the first day of celebrations cancelled.

The streets of Port-au-Prince burst with colour and music in celebration.

Haiti's Carnival comes just as the country grapples with stalled elections and has been left without a president after Michel Martelly stepped down with no successor.

But for local, Emmanuel Cedreu, there was no dampening the mood.

"It's true that the country is facing a great political problem but it's an obligation for us to come here and have fun because it's our culture, Haiti is our country. Above all else we need to have fun. Without carnival there is no Haiti and without Haiti there is no carnival."

Post-Carnival Haitians will have to wrestle with a transitional government as the country seeks to re-schedule a stalled second-round election.

Haitians Celebrate Carnival
Haitians Celebrate Carnival

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