Eight fun ways to be happily single on Valentine's Day


When Valentine's Day comes around, the air is full of little pink hearts, and it might seem like everyone's eyelashes are batting in unison.

For a lot of people, all that lovey-dovey goodness is great — but for others, it can just be depressing. After all, Valentine's Day is about couples, and not everyone has a significant other at this time of year.

But don't worry. Just because it seems like everyone but you is going on dates and eating overprice chocolate, doesn't mean that's actually the case.

And just because you don't have someone special at this moment doesn't mean you're less deserving of love, fun, and good feelings.

If you find you're feeling down as Valentine's Day rolls around, follow these little tips so that you can tap into the love and warm your heart no matter what's happening in your love life this year.

After all, people in different areas of the world celebrate Valentine's Day in all kinds of ways, so there's obviously no "right" way to celebrate.

See how you can make this Valentine's Day feel special for yourself this year!

1. Don't Let Social Media Get You Down

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It's easy to feel inadequate when it seems like everyone on your Facebook feed is posting sappy love poems and pictures of great dates.

But remember that social media doesn't always reflect the truth.

If it's bumming you out, though, don't keep looking at it! Just log off and go do something else.

The same goes for switching off the TV if the Valentine's Day commercials are getting on your nerves.

2. Redefine What Valentine's Day Means To You

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There are lots of different kids of love, and love doesn't have to mean romantic love. What does love mean to you?

This year, remember that loving and being loved also extends to family and friends, not just romantic partners.

Call up your kids, grandkids, best friend, cousins — whomever! Make a connection with the people you love, even if it's been a long time.

3. Treat Yourself To Discount Candy

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Okay, whether or not you're single, everyone knows that the best thing about Valentine's Day is actually the day after, when all the candy goes on sale!

Pick yourself up a box (or three) of discounted chocolate and indulge. Don't wait around for a beau to buy a box for you!

Snuggle up with your favorite chocolate and relish how amazing you are. You deserve it.

4. Appreciate Yourself In A New Way

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No partner? That doesn't mean no date! Take yourself out for a treat this Valentine's Day.

Whether it's a day of beauty, a solo trip to the movies, or some fun antiquing in your town, you deserve to feel special.

Splurge on something special that your normally don't do and show some love to yourself.

5. Celebrate The Day Anyway

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You're probably not the only one who is totally over Valentine's Day.

If you don't have a partner, or simply have no interest in romance, get together with some friends and celebrate in your own way!

Whether it's watching your favorite movies, sharing some wine or coffee, or just taking a walk together, celebrate yourselves by turning Valentine's Day into "Gal-entine's" Day!

6. Learn Something New About Yourself

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You can also use this time to get to know yourself again.

Sometimes, being in a relationship takes away from getting to know who we've become, so why not use this time to meet yourself?

Try out a new hobby or take a class. You might surprise yourself!

7. Channel Your Love In A Positive Way

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Sometimes it really is better to give love than to receive it.

Sure, it's nice to get flowers and jewelry from someone, but you know what's better? Knowing that you've made a difference, even a small one, in someone's life.

Maybe stop by your neighborhood animal shelter and see if they need any help — or call up a friend who's been going through a hard time.

Take all the love you've got and channel it by volunteering to help others, and you'll see what love really is.

8. Remember, It's Just One Day

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When you're inundated with Valentine's everything, it can seem like a massive presence.

But it's just one little day. It doesn't define you, nor does it mean anything about how lovable and awesome you are. By tomorrow, everyone will have forgotten all about it.

So if you don't have a partner to spend Valentine's Day with, well, who cares?

You're still pretty great, and you probably have more love in your life than you realize. Don't let a bunch of silly pink hearts get you down.

What do you usually do for Valentine's Day? Will you be trying any of these new ideas? Let us know in the comments below.

And be sure to spread your own love to those who might need it by SHARING this advice!

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