Different Valentine's Day traditions around the world

Different Valentine's Day Traditions Around the World
Different Valentine's Day Traditions Around the World

To this day, the origin of Valentine's Day still isn't 100 percent clear. Regardless, many countries celebrate their own variation of the heart-shaped holiday.

The Danish celebrate Valentine's Day by giving friends and lovers pressed white flowers called snowdrops.

The French are said to be the originators of Valentine's Day cards. Charles, Duke of Orleans sent love letters to his wife while imprisoned in 1415.

South Koreans celebrate on 3 separate days, with women giving gifts Feb 14th, men on March 14th, and the lonely eating in comfort on April 15th.

It's extremely popular to get married on Valentine's Day in the Philippines. In recent years, hundreds of couples have participated in mass public weddings.

In South Africa, women pin the names of their crushes on their sleeves, allowing men to learn of their secret admirers.

See how some of your favorite celebs celebrated Valentine's Day last year:

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