Chad Johnson used teammates' urine to recover from sprained ankles

Chad Ochocinco Johnson Gives Homeless Man a Night to Remember
Chad Ochocinco Johnson Gives Homeless Man a Night to Remember

Now, while most of us probably assumed that former NFL receiver Chad Johnson was a little crazy thanks to some of the stunts he has pulled over the years, his most recent revelation now proves that Johnson's football days likely made him more than a little bit crazy.

The former Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins receiver revealed this morning on ESPN's Mike & Mike in the morning radio show his weird trick to help cure ankle sprains. His teammates urine.


The former pro-bowl receiver went into some detail when explaining his remedy for curing ankle sprains. After gathering the urine from his teammates, Johnson heated the urine to an unspecified temperature before soaking the injured area in it for 30-minutes. According to Johnson, following that soaking, his ankle was as good as new with no pain.

Now while this strategy may have most of us running for the showers even thinking of this crazy thought, others may be wondering about one very important aspect of Chad Johnson's plan. How does he gather urine from his teammates? More importantly, how did he convince his teammates to let him gather their urine!

This information especially has to be more than a little gross for anybody working as an equipment manager at any of his former teams. After all, the equipment managers likely had to handle his shoes and socks, both of which would come into contact with his urine soaked ankles at one time or another.

While Chad Johnson likely swears by this remedy for a sprained ankle, I doubt many people — including myself — would be willing to try this potential cure. In fact, given the option between this cure and extreme pain, I'm either taking the pain. For a former pro-football player in Chad Johnson, he likely never game himself that choice.