14 confessions from models that debunk all myths about the modeling industry

No matter what career you have, it's nearly impossible not to bring work home with you -- lots of time spent and energy invested into your professional life probably means that you think about work even when you're not in the office. That being said, some professions are more detrimental than others when they seep into your personal everyday life, and the modeling industry is stigmatized as such -- most models are thinner than 98% of American women.

Several models took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to set straight the notoriety their industry has.

1. A purposeful poor diet and lack of exercise might be favored for the sake of a specific 'look'

2. Several agencies might put pressure on you to achieve a look that it hurts you to get to

3. The idea of beauty within many industries might be very warped
I love and hate modeling. I love it, cause the photoshoots are fun. But I hate it when I

4. On the other hand, having a job that focuses on physique might be a great opportunity to get in shape
My secret is I

5. Eating and body image disorders aren't necessarily dependent on your employers' attitudes
Modeling doesn

6. Just because someone's a model doesn't mean that his or her lifestyle is one of struggle and strife

7. As long as you're substituting meals with healthy alternatives, the unusually busy lifestyle of a model isn't necessarily an unhealthy one

8. Even awareness of the unhealthy situation doesn't necessarily alleviate it

9. Prejudging models for the stereotype their industry holds could make them self-conscious about the way they look
Every time I tell someone I

10. Losing confidence without reason could not only lead to disorders, but also break one's spirit
Being a model ruined my self image. Being an average weight makes me feel fat. It

11. Focusing nonstop on the way you look in comparison to others is enough to drive a person crazy

12. You should never feel guilty for a little bit of indulgence every once in a while
As a model I can

13. You should never feel obligated to comply with people who put your safety at risk

14. Unnatural and unhealthy substances are not worth it just to look the way others want you to

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