Watch the worst 'Family Feud' answer of all time, according to Steve Harvey (video)

Meet Shelia, The Worst (Or Best) "Family Feud" Contestant Ever
Meet Shelia, The Worst (Or Best) "Family Feud" Contestant Ever

"Family Feud" fans have been eagerly awaiting for an answer so bad host Steve Harvey described it as "one of the great moments of TV," and it is now available for your viewing pleasure.

"The producers were mortified," Harvey previously said of the 25 minutes it took a contestant to come up with a name you call your mother "other than 'mother.'"

With two X's on the board, and one chance left, a woman named Sheila continues to repeat previous guesses with different vocal inflections.

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"Y'all crazy?" Harvey asks the family that doesn't seem to be full of good listeners. "Y'all think, really, that y'all can take all these words that sound the same and say them different because you want to?"

Even after making a mockery of Sheila's attempt to repeat "mommy," which was already revealed to be the No. 1 answer on the board, she said it again: "What about mommy?"

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But that's just half of it, so watch the video above to see how much worse Sheila's guesses get.

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