Watch LeSean McCoy's bar fight (Video)

LeSean McCoy -- The Brutal Bar Fight Video
LeSean McCoy -- The Brutal Bar Fight Video

The Buffalo Bills' prized acquisition got himself into some hot water when he allegedly injured two off-duty police officers in a bar fight. Just a few days after Johnny Manziel got himself in hot water with Dallas police, LeSean McCoy has now found himself on the wrong end of the law. TMZ has just obtained exclusive video of the incident, which you can watch above.

While the video shows several people punching, McCoy was shown clearly involved in the altercation. And what's even worse, the whole thing was allegedly over a bottle of champagne.

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While he had no part of the incident, rapper Meek Mill was apparently at the club because it seems like you can't go anywhere in Philadelphia without seeing him these days. The cops are interested in reaching out to Meek and any other witnesses who were at the club in the hopes that they can shed more light.

For the Bills, you have to expect disciplinary action is coming, although there's no telling how severe it will be. They gave up a lot to get LeSean McCoy who put up elite numbers with the Eagles. For what they were expecting, five touchdowns and 1,187 yards was a pretty disappointing return but many were confident in his ability to turn it around. Now, however, it wouldn't be surprising if he got cut from the team.