Report: Johnny Manziel showed up drunk to last Browns practice

D-Man: Not Buying the Manziel Cover-Up
D-Man: Not Buying the Manziel Cover-Up

The Cleveland Browns reportedly placed quarterback Johnny Manziel in concussion protocol on Wednesday December 30th, just days before he was supposed to start their last game of the season. Manziel was reportedly found in Las Vegas wearing a disguise later that weekend and did not report to the Browns practice facility that Sunday for the game. Many have questioned why he didn't. Mike Silver appeared on NFL Network to give his report.

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Silver alleges that he talked to a Browns player who told him that Manziel showed up to practice on that Wednesday drunk. The Browns covered for him by saying that he had a concussion. Silver went on to talk about how nobody should be talking about football with Manziel because he has personal issues. Silver also called out the Browns for protecting him and possibly enabling his bad behavior.

There are a lot of rumors coming around about Manziel recently. However, it's hard to imagine any football team being willing to sign Manziel at this point with the issues surrounding him, including the assault allegations against him. For his own sake, let's all hope that Manziel gets the help that he needs.

Johnny Football has played in 14 career games, all with the Browns. He has completed 57.0 percent of his passes for 1,675 passing yards. Manziel threw for seven touchdowns and seven interceptions with Cleveland. He will likely leave Cleveland with a career passer rating of 74.4.

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