OnlyOnAOL: How Morena Baccarin handled that epic 'Deadpool' sex scene


Morena Baccarin is pregnant with her second child, and is due very soon. Dad is her boyfriend, actor Ben McKenzie. And the running joke among her "Deadpool" cast members is that the actress could literally pop at any moment.

She takes it all in stride, as she promotes the positively reviewed, even more gloriously foul-mouthed superhero flick, opening Friday. Her Vanessa is a prostitute who becomes involved with a mercenary (Ryan Reynolds) who winds up as immortal antihero Deadpool after a cancer treatment gone wrong.

Does she have anything in common with Vanessa? "Hopefully not a lot. Acting is like prostitution. Always selling your soul to the devil," jokes Baccarin.

In reality, she does see elements of herself in her character, who fights with her hands and her mouth and isn't afraid of four-letter words. "Her strength. Her sense of humor. She's irreverent. She's not a victim. And doesn't apologize for who she is," she says.

Unlike most films, the "Deadpool" love scenes were shot in one epic day. Ummm, that must have been the opposite of simple. Here's how Baccarin broke the ice.

"We did tequila shots. I did with the director. I don't know if Ryan did. It was hard but once we got into it, you laugh and go with it," she says.

Now, of course, she could well be the coolest mom in the world, given how fans are reacting to the film. It's gloriously raunchy, violent and tongue-in-cheek hilarious. "My son is two and a half so I don't know if he can quite appreciate it yet. But he will dammit," says Baccarin. "It was so, so much fun. (I had) the permission to not be shy and not be afraid to try things and (loved) working with Ryan, who is so disarming. He's so smart. It's too bad he's so ugly. The whole cast was disgusting."

Reynolds sure isn't easy on the eyes, as evidenced below.