How much do you think a 50-year old lock of John Lennon's hair is selling for?

Lock of John Lennon's Hair for Sale
Lock of John Lennon's Hair for Sale

Today in mildly bizarre celebrity auction news, a 50-year old clump of John Lennon's hair is set to sell for (at least) what you'd pay for a nice, reasonably priced used compact car from a couple years ago.

Rewind to 1966. Lennon was playing Musketeer Gripweed in the film How I Won the War, his only non-musical acting role. Klaus Baruck, the hairdresser on set, trimmed the Beatle's hair down to suit the World War II-era part, and pocketed a four-inch long lock.

And now it's on the auction block. Heritage Auctions is offering "a substantial lock" of Lennon's hair, along with an extensive paperwork collection to prove its authenticity. The current bid is $12,000, with 11 days to go. If someone else wants to jump in, they'll have to raise another thousand.

The hair comes with a How I Won the War call sheet from the day of the haircut, complete with a Lennon autograph. The winner also gets original clippings of German newspapers featuring photographic evidence of Baruck giving Lennon said haircut in Hamburg.

For more (or you know, to place a bid), check out the official auction page.

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