These graphics explain how the world's best pilots perform death defying tricks

Few pilots can claim to be as talented as the acrobatic aces flying in the US Blue Angels and UK Red Arrows display teams.

Both teams perform choreographed and synchronized displays at incredible break-neck speeds. The teams update their performances every year, according to How It Works Annual Volume 6, and the displays can last up to 30 minutes.

Although the individual skills and stunts of each pilot is admirable, what sets the pilots of the Blue Angels and Red Arrows apart is their ability to work as a synchronized team.

The teams, consisting of 6 and 9 planes respectively, must be able to effectively fly and perform tricks while maintain perfect distance from their fellow pilots. How It Works notes that aircraft during the displays can fly as close as six feet from each other.

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Thousands of Fans Flock to Blue Angels' Practice
Thousands of Fans Flock to Blue Angels' Practice

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