Coco Austin: I 'won't stop sharing photos of baby Chanel'

Coco Austin Fires Back Against Haters
Coco Austin Fires Back Against Haters

Coco Austin is tired of her haters trolling her page.

In a blog post written for E! Online published Monday, the reality star defends her tendency to share photos of her newborn daughter Chanel despite negative comments.

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Expressing her love of dressing her adorable daughter up in fabulous clothing, Austin says that she refers to her new child as her "little doll" because she "never owned a doll" in her life. She lives for dressing her up in bows and calls her the "headband Princess."

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Referring to her daughter as a "doll," she says, has caused outcry from people who comment on her Instagram, though.

"Now I get so much flack for saying that and it bothers me," she laments.

"Of course I know she's a real human being. Don't you know I know that? In these pictures, you can see how much love I have for her. Should I just dress her up in a normal T-shirt? Is that better? Why can't I just have my moment of dressing my daughter up? Why is that such a negative thing? Does she look like she's really mad in these pictures? She actually looks very happy dressed up."

In the end, the talk-show host realizes that she's damned if she does and damned if she doesn't, so she's going to stop worrying about what people say on social media.

Her final message to her haters?

"If you're really not liking the way I do things, get off my page."

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