Check out the world's most expensive Valentine's Day bouquet

Check Out the World's Most Expensive Valentine's Day Bouquet
Check Out the World's Most Expensive Valentine's Day Bouquet

The idea of Valentine's Day is sweet, right? A day to take stock of the love in your life and appreciate them. But what Valentine's Day really is a corporate-created cash cow?

You can still buck the trend and not spend much, or you can bite down hard and go all in by spending almost $13,000 on the world's most expensive bouquet of roses.

Arena Flowers will get your lover this 5-foot 1,000 rose setup. The flowers are grown 12,500 feet up in the Andes Mountains in Ecuador. That's how they say they can get them so tall.

But if this package isn't flashy enough for you, they've got more options. One includes a flowers, an iPad and a bottle of Cristal for $4,250. Another will get you all that plus a Tesla luxury electric car for $160,000.

Watch the over-the-top present in all its glory:

In comparison, click through to shop Valentine's Day gifts for her under $50:

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