Aidan Alexander gives us the exclusive look at this year's NY Fashion Week: Men's

While only on its second official season, Men's Fashion Week has already made its mark on the NYC sartorial community. And while you may not have been able to score a front row ticket to your favorite shows, you can live vicariously through someone who was sitting in prime runway real estate.

This year, we sent Aidan Alexander out to report back on all the major runway trends and the styles that will soon be dominating every men's wardrobe.

The theme of this season is that bigger is definitely better. Oversized toppers,like buttoned-front trenches and puffer jackets (as seen in the Nautica Fall/Winter 2016 runway show) are in full swing. Not only is the style fashion-forward, but it will also keep you warm once just in case another Polar Vortex decides to strike. Similarly, another trend that you're sure to love this winter continued love of all things furry. Shearling soft cardigans and turtlenecks were a big hit, with American designers like Michael Kors ensuring that clothing is just as chic as it is comfortable.

Plaid also made a major comeback, which is probably good news to anyone who has a checkered shirt or two lying around in the back of their closet. Dress up the look by pairing a plaid button-down with a long-length gray topper (like Aidan's awesome pick from Topman below) and black jeans for a look that can easily translate from the office to a night out.

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