AeroMexico apologizes for booting Sikh designer from flight

Waris Ahluwalia Is The Sikh Designer Who Was Banned From A Plane
Waris Ahluwalia Is The Sikh Designer Who Was Banned From A Plane

AeroMexico has apologized for an offense that proved a nightmare for both Sikh designer Waris Ahluwalia and whatever poor soul is charged with manning the airline's social media accounts.

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Thousands of people flooded airline carrier AeroMexico's social media accounts with complaints after the airline barred Sikh fashion model and designer Waris Ahluwalia from boarding a flight to New York on Monday, citing his refusal to remove his turban in public. Waris reportedly offered to remove the religious head covering in a private screening room, but was denied.

Ahluwalia was stuck overnight in Mexico City and refused to fly to New York Fashion Week until the airline issued a public apology and promised to offer its staff training for how to properly search passengers with religious head coverings. The New York-based Sikh Coalition promptly tweeted in support of Waris' demands.

Over 5,400 tweets have circulated the supportive hashtag #StandWithWaris, a Vocativ analysis found. Vocativ's geolocation technology also revealed that Waris' supporters are tweeting from all over the world, with the vast majority of geo-tagged tweets from from North America, including Mexico and the United States.

There are approximately 27 million Sikhs around the world. The vast majority live in the Punjab region of India, but several million live in Canada, the US and the UK.

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After almost 24 hours of vehement backlash, including an additional 5,301 outraged tweets and dozens of Facebook comments, AeroMexico issued an official apology.

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