9 hours of sleep: why millennials are so successful

What Do Millennials Want From Work?
What Do Millennials Want From Work?

Nine hours of sleep per night. It sounds like a lot--like a dream, no pun intended. But according to the U.S. Census Bureau, it's par for the course for Millennials.

The folks at SelfStorage.com were intrigued by that statistic (and a few others) about what sets the current generation apart from the GenXers and Boomers among us. So, they put together an infographic highlighting some of the habits that make Millennials more successful.

It's a short list--just six items--but it's intriguing (you can find it here.)

1. They sleep a lot.
Here's the stat that started it all. Millennials sleep eight hours and 53 minutes per night on average, according to the Census Bureau. That's way more than previous generations--and certainly more than the seven hours and change that older adults average.

2. They throw their arms around technology.
You know this part, but research confirms it. They've grown up with technology and they're eager to adopt whatever comes next. About 74 percent of Millennials say technology makes them feel more connected and makes their lives easier.

3. They want to be their own bosses.
They don't mind working for others as long as they're learning, contributing to a worthy goal, and developing their skills. Fully two-thirds of Millennials however, say they ultimately want to start their own businesses.

4. They're focused on keeping daily activities in line with strategic goals.
Sure, they care about money--but they're used to the idea that they might not make as much as their parents did. Thus, they value other things more. For example, a third of Millennials report that "social media freedom" is more important to them than their bottom line salaries.

5. They multitask like it's going out of style.
Here's an almost unbelievable stat: Millennials reportedly "switch media venues 27 times per non-working hour," and they're more able to process information quickly than older peers (again, because they've been doing it since they were in diapers).

6. They are totally cool with the 24 hour work schedule.
The flipside of valuing flexibility is that Millennials don't mind being plugged into work 24 hours per day--as long as they can do it from wherever they want to be. Nine out of 10 Millennials say they have have no problem checking work email on their phones outside of work hours, and 77 percent say that having flexible work hours makes them ultimately more productive.

Got a suggestion for an item we missed or a suggest for a future column? Let me know.

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