Video captures mama panda helping Bei Bei the Cub climb a tree for the first time

Adorable Moment Shows Mommy Panda Bear Helping Baby Bear Up A Tree
Adorable Moment Shows Mommy Panda Bear Helping Baby Bear Up A Tree

The National Zoo's beloved baby pandas are a bottomless well overflowing with adorable viral videos.

In his newest gift to the panda-loving masses, the zoo's newest giant panda, Bei Bei, gets stuck while climbing a tree for the first time.

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Notching the cuteness level up even higher, Bei Bei's mama, Mei Xiang, who was standing anxiously by all along, then helps the five-month-old cub down to safety.

See the adorable photos:

All this darling charm from the very same animal that gave us a groggy public debut.

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Meanwhile, it was Bei Bei's zoo roommate Tian Tian that nearly broke the internet during January's East Coast blizzard when he rolled happily down a snowy hill.

Bei Bei is one of four pandas in residence at the National Zoo, including mother Mei Xiang, adult male Tian Tian and Bei Bei's two-year-old sister Bao Bao.

See more cute photos of Bei Bei:

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