See Casey Anthony at work as she sets up photography business

Casey Anthony Emerges From Hiding, Launches Her Own Photography Business
Casey Anthony Emerges From Hiding, Launches Her Own Photography Business

Casey Anthony has a new job as a photographer.

Five years after she was acquitted of the murder of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, the so-called "most hated mom in America" has emerged from seclusion by starting her own photography business.

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The 29-year-old is taking her new job seriously. She reportedly bought a Canon EOS camera, which retails for about $400.

In exclusive photos taken by the, Casey was spotted checking her work after each snap.

INSIDE EDITION has obtained her company's registration papers. The company, Case Photography, LLC, has been registered in West Palm Beach. The paperwork also indicates that she paid $160 to establish Case Photography as a limited liability company. It has been operating since January 1.

See images from her notorious case:

According to reports, she has been living with 67-year-old private detective Patrick J. McKenna, who was also the lead investigator on her defense team, in West Palm Beach.

Candace Trunzo of The Daily Mail told IE: "It was a childhood hobby for Casey and something she did carry through her early adulthood. When she had Caylee, she took many pictures of Caylee as well."

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Reaction online to her new endeavor was swift and furious.

One person wrote: "Can you imagine hiring a photographer to take your precious baby's photos and she shows up?"

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